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Real Life formed in Melbourne Australia during the early eighties. After working six nights a week, building a local following for a couple of years, we released our first record Send me an Angel, from our first album Heartland. The song was a big hit in most parts of the world. Other singles from that Album were Openhearted, Catch me I'm Falling and Always. We recorded a second album Flame, which took us along time and cost us a lot of money. It stiffed!

The first single Face to Face was only a minor hit. We had a second hit single from that album, with a re-mix of Let's Fall in Love. In 1986 we scored a U.S. alternative hit with a song called Babies.

In 1990 we released our 3rd album Lifetime. With the singles God Tonight and Kiss the Ground.

1997 saw the release of Happy and Happier the album and re-mix album.And in 2003 came our most recent effort Imperfection and a re-mix version of that too. The only remaining original member of Real Life is David Sterry who still tours with various backing musicians.

Real Life


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