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For all Absolutely 80's gigs including lineups , venue websites, facebook, twatter and mailing list links go to Popshop.

Feb 19th 2016

Have been doing some press interviews for Totally 80's gigs. Here's a link where you can check out what all the acts have to say thanks to Rohan Arden.

Jan 19th 2016

Just announced July 2016 Totally 80's tour with Martika, Berlin, Limahl, Katrina from the Waves, Men Without Hats, Paul Lekakis, Stacey Q, Paul Gray from Wa Wa Nee and Moi. Ticets on sale 21 January. Website here.

Oct 6th

So, young Brian (Abs 80's, X-Men) has written a new tell all book about his favourite subject.....Yep... Himself... He's set up a crowd funding page with info here. His publishers wanted to cut out all the juicy bits that we all want to hear about. So he's decided to publish himself. By giving the little bugger some money, you'll get the uncensored version with fabulous juicy tidbits like how to look like Margaret Pomeranz, The huge influence Depeche Mode and Heaven 17 cast over the X-Men's fashion and songwriting style, why he thinks David Sterry is the best bloke on the planet and how to cook noodles while boiling your underpants in a Berko jug in a hotel. All fascinating stuff..

Sept 8th 2015

Sept 12th Home Tavern Wagga Wagga, 18th Tap House Bendigo, 19th Mulwala Ski Club Oct 16th York on Pork (Lillydale).

May 1st 2015

May 15t Chelsea Heights, 16th Doncaster Shoppingtown, 22nd South Sydney Juniors,23 Castle Hill RSL, June 27 Werribee Tiger Lounge, July 24th Hallam Hotel, 25th Sandbelt, 26th Bridie O'Rielly's, 31st Trak, August 7th Ettalong Beach, 8th Richmond N.S.W, 16th Newman W.A.

January 7th 2015

Absolutely 80's gigs so far. Sat 24th January OZ Rock Busselton Western Australia, Saturday 14th February Sunbury Football Social Club, Friday 27th Feb Ballina RSL Nth NSW, Saturday 28th Feb Redland Bay Hotel QLD, Sunday 8th March Macs Melton Vic. These are shows with David, for other gigs and line ups visit the Popshop link above. There are lots more shows coming up, so check back, it's going to be a busy year...

November 11th 2014

A couple more 80's gigs for the year. Saturday 13th December, The Whaler Hotel in Warnambool and New Years Eve at The Croxton Park Hotel. Thanks to everyone that came along to shows this year. Lot's more coming up in 2015. Merry Xmas and Happy New Ears.

August 12th 2014

Last gigs for the year with Absolutely 80's. Saturday 6th Sept National Museum of Australia with Pseudo Echo. Saturday 4th October Yarraville Club. Friday 24th October Towradgi Beach Hotel Wollongong. Saturday 25th October Canterbury Hurlston RSL Sydney. Sunday 26th October Heathcote Hotel Sydney 4pm Arvo show. 3rd November Cup Eve Burvale Hotel. 8th November Benalla Festival.

July 29th 2014

Save Gaza, Free Palestine. If you're as disgusted as I am with the bombardment of Gaza here's a charity I've been donating to for years, the Palestinian Childrens Relief Fund. Please check it out and donate if you can. It's not political. With no end in sight sadly they'll still need funds long after we're all gone. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

June 17th 2014

Just a quick note to make you aware of a new version of Send Me An Angel by the great German Producer and long time friend of Real Life Mr Peter Hoff. I'm told it's a Deep House production. It's a bit slower with some very haunting keyboards. Here's a link:


Thanks to everyone who's been coming to the shows. Too much fun...

R.I.P. Doc Neeson and Jim Keays

January 31st 2014

Happy New Year. Here's some upcoming and rumoured gigs for the year so far. January 2nd, Lake Eildon House Boat. January 25th Canterbury Hurlston RSL. March 21st Doncaster Shoppingtown. May 16th Chelsea Heights Hotel. May 23 Sydney Souths, May 24th Castle Hill RSL. Sunday 8th June Commercial Hotel South Morang, Friday 13th June Hallam Hotel. 27th June Matthew Flinders Hotel.

more to come..

July 9th 2013

A couple of upcoming gigs for you folks in Sydney. Friday 19th July Castle Hill RSL. Saturday 20th July Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL. All shows with Scott Carne, Brian Mannix, Dale Ryder and Paul Gray.

November 27th 2012

Final gig of the year for me with Scotty Carne, Bwian Mannix, Dale Ryder and the Absolutely 80's Band at the Manhatten Hotel in Ringwood this Sunday 2nd December. Show kicks off at 7pm. See you there and Happy Xmas.

July 27th 2012

Greetings all. having a quiet year with gigs and touring. Concentrating on some new stuff, but I'm being painfully slow with it.... Anyway, the other day I got a very polite email from a young German band with a great name, "How to Loot Brazil", asking permission to re-record Catch Me I'm Falling, as a free download from Souncloud. I checked them out HERE and I think they're very cool. Post Punk I believe is the correct term. So have a listen (or download) HERE. I wish them all the best in the music biz.

April 18th 2012

Upcoming Absolutely 80's shows with Scott Carne, Dale Ryder, Mr Twinkle Toes (Brian Mannix) and Moi. Friday 20th April at Doncaster Shoppingtown, Saturday 21st April at the Gateway in Geelong, Friday 25th May at Macs in Melton and Saturday 26th of May at the Ferntree Gully Hotel. See ya there....

February 25th 2012

Next Saturday 3rd of March I'm playing a gig with Scott Carne, Bwian Mannix and Ally Fowler at the Manhattan Hotel in Ringwood. Details here. And if you'r a facebook fan (unlike me) there's more Swiss American Federation stuff here.

December 31st 2011

Sitting on my balcony with a glass of wine watching the fireworks with my cat Clive. There's only 2 hours left of 2011. As mentioned in a previous post, I've done a vocal for a track by the Swiss American Federation. Two great guys who live in LA. Well, it comes out tomorrow with some other tracks. I like the one with the French vocalist best. check it out here. It's very Euro pop. They are great producers. Also George has informed me that his third solo album is ready to go. I'll keep you posted when I know more. As for Real Life , the new website is under construction with new music to go with it and some touring. Happy New Year. Occupy.

September 28th 2011

On the 11th of October I'll be singing a tune or two with Pseudo Echo at the Trak in Toorak. This is a benefit night for Zoran Romic of Chocolate Starfish who is being treated for cancer. There is a fantastic line up including Models, Boom Crash Opera and Screaming Jets. This will be a great night for a great guy here's a tickets LINK.

On November 18th and 19th I've got a couple of gigs with Absolutely 80's and you can check the dates HERE.

June 9th 2011

You can always count on musicians to try and make a difference wherever disaster or injustice occurs. Back in the 80's most of us had record contracts that prohibited our record companies releasing our albums in South Africa while the apartheid regime held Nelson Mandela in prison and discriminated against the black population. It was never the record companies standing up, it was always the musicians. Now we need to focus on the plight of the Palestinian people who've been neglected and demonized for far too long. Most of us only ever hear one side of the story. Here's a link to the first, but hopefully not the last modern protest song. Freedom for Palestine. Do some independent reading for yourselves.

May 31st 2011

aah.. what a lovely day in Melbourne out on the studio balcony with a glass of wine and a fine cigar. Check out the new Charlie's Angels promo. Is that me and Elvis? When the guys give me the OK I'll put up a link to the new track I recoded with he Swiss American Federation called Be A Star. If you're thinking of going to either of the next 2 Absolutely 80's shows you should book now as last Saturday was way sold out and people were turned away. back to the wine and sunshine...

May 6th 2011

Doing some shows with Scott Carne, Brian Mannix, Dale Ryder and Sean Kelly at the end of May and early June. Checkout the details here. Absolutely 80's.

January 3rd 2011

Coming this year (sooner rather than later) new music and new website. Best Wishes....

September 1st 2010

Had a great time playing in Vegas the other week with a great road trip there and back. I'm recording a song with a couple of Swiss DJ's, a very cool house track and I'm doing a show here in Melbourne on November 6th at the Burvale Hotel with Scott Carne, Brian Mannix and Sean Kelly. It will be fun..

July 1st 2010

A guy from the USA who goes by the name of Inversephase has made an interesting cover of Angel. It's a chiptune meaning it's made using sounds from old computers and video games. There's a vibrant scene for people making this charming Lo-Tek style music all over the net, so here's LINK.

April 28th 2010

George has another fine solo album out under his Alien Skin monicker. If you enjoyed his last effort, you'll love this. Here's a LINK.

In the next few weeks most of our catalogue will be available as downloads from most I-Tunes type distributors. Heartland, our first album currently only available on CD from Australia will be digitally available soon.
Flame our rather crappy second album will be downloadable only.
Unfortunately Lifetime, our third album on Curb records containing the singles God Tonight and Kiss the Ground, I don't have the rights to, but you may find it on E-Bay. It's a good one..
Happy our fourth album will now be available digitally.
Happier is all the songs of Happy re-mixed will beavailable digitally.
Imperfection our fifth album is available on CD via our website and will be available digitally.
Imperfection Remixed (like Happier) will only be available digitally.

February 19th 2010

What time is it? Well if you want to know check out the beautiful "Send Me an Angel" watch from Swiss company AleXora, who have released a collection of watches inspired by eighties songs. We're very happy to be part of this fine collection.

December 24th 2009

Another year goes by. Best wishes to all our friends. Hope to see you somewhere on tour in the new year. Working on lots of new songs for some sort of release in 2010. Also making some out of print albums available via I-tunes etc.

July 30th 2009

Not a lot to report, just posted a link to Cleopatra Records for the covers album. It's on the buy Cd's page. They also have a vinyl version, but with a few less tracks. No word on any international touring for the rest of the year at this stage. Happily staying home trying to remember how to write songs.

May 5th 2009

According to Cleopatra Records' website, Real Life's 80's synth essentials will be released on 19th of May.

The track listing is:

Send Me an Angel, Sweet Dreams, Cars, Fade to Grey, Everything Counts, Blue Monday, Primary, Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime, Shout, Nowhere Girl, I Melt With You, Tainted Love, The Model.

I'll post a link when one becomes available.

Earlier this year there was a request for a Real Life remix from German Artist Sara Noxx. Sara has a new album out and on the track Superior Love, she duets with Mr Limahl from Kajagoogoo. I think the remix will be a special bonus mix at some stage in the future.

Not much else happening at the moment, heading to Bali for a couple of weeks to work on some new songs. There may be some touring around October, but nothing confirmed yet.

March 6th 2009

Happy New Year. Well, here's what's happening. All touring has been postponed due to the global financial crisis. Mexico and Greece may be rescheduled later in the year. The cover album is done and in the hands of Cleopatra Records. They are obtaining clearance from various publishers of the 13 songs covered. As soon as I know the release date I'll let you know.

In the meantime I've been re-mixing a track for a very cool German artist, Sara Noxx. Her song Superior Love is a duet with the great Limahl from Kajagoogoo and should be out early April. Check out Sara's Myspace here.

Well, now that I've got nothing to do for a while, I'm going to get on with some new music at last. Hope all is well with you.

December 22nd 2008

Xmas and New Years greetings to all. A big thanks to everyone who came to shows in the USA, Philippines, Berlin and Lima. On Valentines Day 2009 I get to visit Greece for the first time for a show in Athens with my buddies When In Rome and The Seagulls. The next stop is Tijuana Mexico on the 21st and 22nd of March. I have finally finished the covers album for Cleopatra records. As soon as it's mastered it will be off to the manufacturer and I'll post a track listing and release date when all is confirmed. Please remember if you're posting messages on the Real Life My-Space sites, that they are not controlled by Real Life, therefore we can't respond, but thanks anyway. It's been an unforgetable year with some great high's and a very big low. Let's hope we can all do something to make the world a better place in 2009....... Cheers.

August 24th 2008

A huge thank you to everyone in Lima for one of the most amazing nights of my life. Only those who were the will understand!!! I highly recommend the Pisco Sour at Hotel Gran Bolivar Lima........

August 7th 2008

Wow time flies. It's time to cross the big pond to the USA for some supersize burgers and a show or two. If you want to say hello, I always head to the merchandise table for a while after my set. I've nearly finished that cover album. Doing the final mixes. Just need a little more time after the tour. Then finally now that I've almost mastered Logic Pro, I can get on with some new stuff.

May 9th 2008

Firstly congratulations to George on his fine album. If you haven't had a listen yet then follow the links bellow.

Well I'm back from another big adventure in the US, Germany and the Philipines. Big thanks to When In Rome for backing me again and Mr Jesse Cambosa our promoter in the Philipines. Also thank you Wulf Bock for getting me on a TV show in Berlin with Robin Gibb(true musical royalty). Hopefully Wulf is booking some European dates for the future. Also thanks to all who came to the shows. Great fun as usual. So, I'm back at work on the covers album. I tried out one of the tracks (B-Movie's Nowhere Girl) on the tour and it went down a storm. There are already some dates listed for the US, Mexico and Peru for August on the Pollstar link below. I need a few more shows to make the trip worthwhile, so keep your fingers crossed and hassle the shit out of my agent.

March 23rd 2008

A big HI! this is George writing to announce the release of my new album 'DON'T OPEN TILL DOOMSDAY' under the name ALIEN SKIN. I invite you to visit my website www.alienskinmusic.com, have a listen and a look around. The album is a step away from Real Life, but still continues my personal musical leanings. It will be distributed by, and available online from, A Different Drum; CDBaby, & locally, Chaos music. As ALIEN SKIN , my newly-born MySpace page has no friends so it's eager to meet some. Make it's day for me:) You'll find it via my website.

David has been busily working on and will be releasing his own album of covers shortly, which we're all looking forward to, and is embarking on a five week international tour in a couple of days. So, if you get the chance to see him perform some Real Life classics live, I urge you to do so!!

Thank you,

January 2008

Happy New Year to one and all...... Here's the news. I'll be back in thev USA at the end of March playing with When in Rome at the Anaheim, San diego and Hollywood House of Blues. Please note at these shows I do 6 Eighties Real Life songs with When In Rome backing me. I'm then heading to Berlin to record a TV show before returning to the US for a show in Pheonix folowed by one night in Mexico City (Can't wait for that one!). In August I'll be playing The New Wave Festival in Lima Peru. Check this Pollstar link for dates and times. I've got about 8 tracks (out of 12) recorded but as yet unmixed for the covers album requested by Cleopatra records and my priority is to get that finished ASAP. I'm sure there will be some local gigs with Pseudo Echo and Dale Ryder coming up soon too. Take care....

October 3rd 2007

Well I survived the US/Mexico tour as a special guest of When in Rome. They are great guys and I'll be back in the US with them next March for another run of dates at the House of Blues. With much regret we had to cancel our show in Lima Peru as the venue was destroyed in the recent earthquake. I really loved my time off in Mexico City where I visited Frida Kahlo and Leon Trotsky's houes, saw Diego's beautiful murals and climbed Teotiuhuacan's amazing pyramids. And all that great food....

Cleopatra Records in Los Angeles have commissioned me to make an album of cover songs of my own choice. I'm hoping it will be out in time for the tour next March. Hmmm let'see how many of my favourite shower songs I can murder... Take care.

August 12th 2007

Up, Up and away..............

June 13th 2007

I'm on holiday in Paris (yep at the Hilton) and heading to Rome (not the band) next week. Life's tough ain't it....

6th May 2007

Now below you see our moveable Jukebox/Music Shop. We've uploaded Heartland, Flame. Lifetime, Happy/Happier, Imperfection, Re mixes and Demo's. there are over 70 tracks. You can listen to all of it (suggest with a bottle of Champagne in a hot bath).

We will also upload all our videos when we can find them..

If you want you can copy this to your Myspace site or any webpage by clicking the share button and pasting the code. Lots of people put years of their lives ito the following songs. Hope you find something you like...

3rd May 2007

We are about to launch our online webstore where you'll be able to listen to or buy mp3's of just about everything we've ever done. We're using a new company indie911 which enables us to put the download browser on multiple sites. We will also be able to upload all our videos. We have over sixty tracks uploaded already including re-mixes. It's pretty exciting for us to be able to offer this without having a record company, or the expense of printing and emailing Cd's. It will be here within a week.

10th March 2007

Usual apologies. My new years resolution is to update this page on the first of the month even if there's no news.

I've been writing songs since December and starting to get some things into shape. I've been working with a Melbourne DJ/Producer Darren Glen of Smash'n Grab. He's been road testing a single called "Feel Like Making Love" at clubs and events around the country. It will be on the Vicious Label and will get a release as soon as a couple of re-mixes are done.

The Idols of the 80's Victorian tour Kicks of in a couple of weeks. There are 15 shows which are listed in the Melbourne Herald Sun every Friday. PS Brian and I are not opening for Howard Jones. He decided not to have an opening act.

George has some new solo stuff and he's hoping to put up a web page when he's finished mixing. I haven't heard it, but knowing the Peorge it will be excellent.

We are aware of a couple of MySpace pages put up by third parties for us. We are grateful to Dave Diggler and our US agent Boss for their work. We do however feel guilty because we don't check out all the kind messages sent by the good folk who care about us. If you really want to contact us it's best to use the e-mail link from this page, we do reply. We check that every day. I will however make sure new music is also posted to those MySpace pages.

JOY FM in Melbourne are playing a great new re-mix of Angel by Drive vs Real Life.

This year I'm seriously trying organize a digital download site where you will be able to get almost everything we've ever done. It's a minefield of legal issues. Making sure all the various members of the band get their share will turn me into an accountant, so I'll wait until I've got enough new songs to not have to write for a while.

Cheers for now.....David

1st December 2006

Is it that time of the year already! Well I'm back from Bali where I had a great time. I was there during the anniversary's of both bombings and felt safe and secure even though there were travel warnings at the time. The Balinese people are very happy to see people returning to paradise and helping to restore the jobs of so many locals who've been devastated by these events.. So now I've got 4 months to come up with some new songs. I've got no gigs until the Idols kick off again in March 2007. It's not confirmed yet but there's a big possibility of Brian Canham and I opening for Howard Jones on an Acoustic tour in March as well. So far gigs are booked for Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. With the songwriting I'm working with a well respected Melbourne DJ ( cos I want to make people dance) and I'm hoping George and Danny feel like chipping in. Who nose..... Any way as you all know I'm a slack bastard when it comes to updating this thing, but if news comes to hand I will post it. So happy Xmas and new year to you all. Let's hope that 2007 brings some sanity to the stupid bastards running the world...........

29th September 2006

Well the Countdown tour has come to an end. I've got to say I had the best time I've had in years. It was amazing to be part of such a huge production, with 156 great people in the cast, crew and management. A lot of great friendships were made or renewed, many laughs and a few tears. Something none of us will forget. And then there was the audience. Up to 16 thousand people per night. Makes you pretty humble when you hear them roar as you go on. Well I've got a gig to play tonight with Pseudo's then I'm off on holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks. I'll come back fresh as a daisy and write some new songs at last. Take care.

4th September 2006

Well I've survived 3 shows on the tour and now we're back in Melbourne for the Tennis Centre gigs. There is too much fun being had. Everyone is having a great time and this huge production has finally come together. The backstage show is as good as the real show, with lots of rock stories, jokes and crazy singalongs, we all want to play or sing on everyone elses parts during the show. The first night went for 4 hours, the second was three and a half and the 3rd is a vague memory.....

18th August 2006

Well it's time to drop everything and prepare for the Countdown tour. We play to 80,000 people in 3 weeks so I'm shitting myself. What to wear? What colour will I dye my hair? blah blah. I get an hours rehearsal with the house band next week and then we're off to Newcastle for a warm-up show then around the country. There must be about a hundred people on the tour. There's one Melbourne Idols show in Thomastown on 27th of October. Brian Canham has put together a fantastic 12" mix comprising of a new Pseudo song, Send Me an Angel and Hands Up by Boom Crash. It rocks and we're hoping to get it on to radio soon. Thanks to everyone that came to the Sydney Idols shows a couple of weeks ago. Great fun. We're starting an Idols email newsletter, so if you want to be on it let me know. I'm taking my laptop on the Countdown tour so I can keep in touch with everyone. Cheers for now..

13th July 2006

Sorry for being so slack with the news. Both George (he who pretends he's not in Real Life) and myself have been going through months of frustration putting our elderly parents into aged care homes and selling their homes to do so. It's been a crap time, but light can now be seen at the other end of the tunnel.

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th of August will see me in Sydney for some Idols shows with Pseudo Echo, Dale from Boom Crash and the great Mr Paul Gray from Wa Wa Nee (Wee Wanna Wee). These shows are heaps of fun so come along if you can.

Prior to that on the 23rd of July I'm heading off on a promo tour for the upcoming Countdown tour with Brian Canham from Pseudo Echo and Tottie Goldsmith from the Chantoosies. We're doing radio shows and breakfast TV in Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Adelaide in one week playing acoustic versions of our songs. Never thought I'd be seen playing an acoustic guitar. Where are the synths! However I would like to thank the folks at Epiphone for lending me such a beautiful guitar for these radio/TV shows, great tone, and wonderful craftsmanship.

The Countdown tour kicks off on August 30th in Newcastle and does most capital cities over 2 weeks. It's going to be huge.

After that I'm taking a break in Bali to recover from a very rotten year (apart from the gigs). I want to get back to writing and finally get some new stuff out.

Real Life are considering playing a show in Melbourne in January at the Australian Tennis Open. The band will be Me, George and Danny with a yet to be announced bass player. It's a lot of work for just one show, so there might be more.

Cheers for now..


5th May 2006

Good morning world. The tour with Pseudo's ends tomorrow night and it's been 24 great shows of fun. I wish I could play every night. If you go to the Sounds page you will find a couple of new mp3 demo's that George has posted. They are not final mixes and have not been mastered. The lyrics are extremely opposite. Way To Nowhere is frustration about the idiots who run the world and Small World is a very happy tune. We're not sure they'll ever make it to an album, but it's something new. We are looking to upload our entire catalogue to an i-Tunes type site, so you can make your own best of Real Life album. There are some legal issues with some works, but I think I can upload everything except Lifetime. Cheers for now.

15th March 2006

My how time flies. Singapore was fun. More like a holiday really with lots of hot, spicey food. The festival itself was a disaster, with a very poor turnout and lots of rain. All the bands stayed in a great hotel and partied on for a week. My solo set was pretty rough, but everything worked OK. It was really strange being alone onstage. I really missed the boys from the band, but I have to keep playing, so that's the way it is.

Hmmm what am I going do do now? Well I think I'm going to make an EP of new stuff that will only be available from a download site. If it does OK I'll consider getting it pressed. I'm working on my solo set and hope to do some small shows around the end of May. In the meantime I'm doing some eighties only shows (Idols of the Eighties) with Pseudo Echo and Dale Ryder from Boom Crash Opera. They're a bit cabaret, but lots of fun. So far the shows are only in Victoria, but will move interstate later in the year. Check the Herald-Sun on Fridays for dates.

Somewhere in 2006

Next week on the 21st of January I'm doing my first ever solo gig at a festival in Singapore (the first Sembawang. If you're in Singapore I'll put you on the guestlist). I'm using a laptop and a strap on keyboard to play all the dance/house music from the last 2 albums and previewing a couple of new David and George songs. So I'm separating my music into old and new, to hopefully keep everyone (including myself) happy. Here in Australia I'm doing a lot of Idols of the 80's shows with my great mates Pseudo Echo. There is a possibility of doing the same in the USA. We start in February doing 3 nights a week at the Tabaret's. This is a purely 80's gig, and I'm now happy to do that.

My heart belongs in modern House/Techno, so my solo gigs will fulfill that need, playing some new collaborations with Starcity, Don Nadi and George. I could never give up music. It's what I do and life would not be worth living unless I had a gig to look forward to. I wish I could stay on tour forever. Whether you're an eighties fan or supportive of our recent works. I thank you for your support and patience. We're going to take the guestbook down due to the spam morons. If you need to talk to us use the email link.

Best Wishes


21 Nov 2005

After nine years in Real Life I have decided it's time for me to call it a day. Monday. We've had memorable times together, great shows and written some excellent songs. I've met a lot of great people here and on tour and made many friends around the world so thanks to each and everyone of you. Things don't always turn out the way we hope for but Real life will continue in one form or another and I wish the band the best of luck. So keep on listening and supporting them.